Intéressante détermination : Cole Thompson

Je publie ce texte pour le relire à l'occasion, il est de COLE THOMPSON, photographe à découvrir.

"I will think of myself as an artist, not as a photographer.

I will develop my own vision, not copy the vision of others.

I will work on seeing with my vision and not with my eyes.

I will avoid studying the work of other photographers.

I will not let the opinions of others affect how I feel about my work, for good or for bad.

I will focus on the creative process, not equipment or the technical processes.

I will shoot more often, every day if possible.

I will always stop when I see something that interests me, even if that means I’ll be late.

I will try something new and different.

I will not try to define what art is, or what it is not.

I will always encourage others in their creative process and I will appreciate those who encourage me.

I will associate with positive people.

I will get on the road and finish my Harbinger series.

I will start several new projects that excite me.

If I’m working on a project that does not excite me, I will abandon it.

When I find myself in a slump, I will not worry about it but patiently keep working and have faith that it will pass.

I will not compromise my values.

I will believe in myself, and that I can do anything I set my mind to.

I will love what I’m doing."

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